Cedric Gervais new track is “Hashtag” Terrible!


#Awful #myearsarebleeding #makeitstop. I put about as much effort into those hashtags as Cedric did this track. If I haven’t made myself abundantly clear all ready this new track is absolutely #terrible. We expect way more from a grammy winning artist than a half-assed attempt at copying the Chainsmokers “Selfie” and reusing a bunch of recycled chords from Molly.  Oh and let’s not forget about the ingenious phrases with the word hashtag in front of it (i’m literally shaking my head). Hashtag party, hashtag life, hashtag happy? really? haha wtf, at what point does anyone from his camp say oh yeahhhhh this song is good enough to put out. Shame on BPM as well and any other persons that puts this ridiculously awful track in rotation. At least the Chainsmokers song is funny, creative and unique. This hashtag track from Cedric makes me want to #scream! Whoever thought this was a good idea from Cedric’s camp should also be #fired. We’re just thankful that fans are realizing how terrible this track is with comments like, “no wonder why it’s free”, “#killme”, “this is terrible” and #selfiecopy.

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