Ghost Producers for 10 year old Aiden Jude Revealed

aiden jude

Unfortunately we can’t say we didn’t see this coming. The Aiden Jude track that was released on Beatport on March 15, 2014 titled “tonight” has been ghost produced (big shocker, I know). According to the press release from Universal Music Publishing, Carlos Escalona co-wrote “Tonight” along with vocalist Nafsicawith. We didn’t post Aiden’s track from the start for four reasons:

1. We were highly skeptical that a 10 year old produced a EDM track that just happened to be released on Beatport, clearly someone over the age of 18 was involved.

2. From an outsiders perspective with years of experience in the booth the official video for ‘Tonight’ Aiden looked uncomfortable in the DJ booth and behind the mixer (and he should he’s a child).

3. We only post Audiogasmic music and “Tonight” did not qualify!

4. We aren’t idiots. We know common sense isn’t so common but let’s be real, a fifth grader is not making a beatport big room banger.

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