AN21 & Max Vangeli – Vafan (Marcus Schossow Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

The Daily Audiogasm comes from Marcus Schossow with his smashing remix of “Vafan” from AN21 & Max Vangeli’s album “People Of The Night”. Amazing track with a groovy feel to it. What we didn’t like is that we had to like Marcus’s Facebook page, which redirected us to a twitter share app, to send a tweet and then enter our email, to eventually get the free download. That’s some bullshit if you ask us. Marcus we love your music but if you make us go thru that gauntlet again we’re going to kick you in the dick! Yeah we know we don’t have to download the track.  We are okay with liking a facebook page, or a tweet, or an email to download a track. We get it, but all three? really? Pick one, don’t look so desperate!

Listen to the track on soundcloud and if you really love the track go find the free download link. We’re not putting our users thru that bullshit journey for a free track.

P.S. / FYI – if you do track down the link and give the twitter app access make sure you go into your app settings and revoke access or else they can send out tweets from their account on yours since you give them access. Nice little trick we would like our users to avoid.

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