Project 46, Matthew Steeper, Daphne And their mesmerizing tracks

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WARNGING: WILL CAUSE MULTIPLE AUDIOGASMS! Today’s posts comes from Project 46. Recently teaming up with Paul Oakenfold & Avicii and releasing two of quiet possibly the happiest tracks I’ve ever listened to. Their track “Crime” with the vocals from Daphne with Avicii grows on me every time I hear it. Take a second, forget the world around you, image a crowd of 20,000 people and give in to the magical sounds of Project 46. Their newest song “No One” ft Matthew Steeper, again mesmerizing. You won’t be disappointed and listening will probably result in multiple audiogasms :) Big thanks to Project 46 for the tracks along with Daphne & Matthew Steeper for the bone chilling vocals. You three are providing us with our daily audiogasm and what seems to be like many more to come!

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